A very passionate man

Christophe Reboul Salze,
in the sale of Grands Crus Classés since 1979

Christophe Reboul Salze

President and founder of The Wine merchant in 1998.
Born on 20th august1956 in Auvergne
In the sale of Grands Crus Classés since 1979.

A driven man 

Christophe Reboul Salze’s passion for wine stems from his youth. On arriving in Bordeaux in 1980, he decided to make his passion his profession. After gaining several years’ experience in trading Grands Crus Classés, he become a specialist in older vintages at CVBG (Compagnie des Vins de Bordeaux et de la Gironde), one of the most renowned merchant houses on the Bordeaux marketplace. In 1989, he was appointed director of the Grands Crus department.


Over more than a decade at CVBG, he helped build a thriving business and acquired in-depth understanding of Bordeaux vineyards and terroirs. Forging strong links with the various operators, he developed a deeper understanding of the major international players.

A man of conviction

Making the most of the ten years he had spent at the very heart of the fine wines of Bordeaux, he created his own company, The Wine Merchant, in 1998. In the space of a few years, The Wine Merchant became a major player in the Bordeaux marketplace. Christophe Reboul Salze is internationally renowned, as much for his mastery of tasting as for his expertise in the various Bordeaux Crus Classés markets. A passionate and driven man, he also acquired his own estate in Blaye, Château Gigault de Blaye.